Finding the sum of two numbers with C#

iptables use

We’re using iptables to connect to the terminal, such as whitelisting (especially on your own) that we use to put the ip block on what you don’t want to access your server, or especially those you want to access.


Installing Htop on Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS

What is Htop? (homotopy category of topological spaces)

A System Monitor used in Linux-based operating systems. In Windows, the Task manager with the Taone.

Should we use it? Why?

It is up to you to use it, my advice is to use it because it has a more organized image and makes our work very easy.
According to the use of filtering by Operation numbers… He knows it.

How do I install?

Installing Htop for Rhel CentOS 5 32 bit

Installing Htop for Rhel CentOS 5 64 bit

Installing Htop for Rhel CentOS 6 32 bit

Installing Htop for Rhel CentOS 6 64 bit

Installing Htop for Rhel CentOS 7 64 bit

Installing Htop for Fedora

Installing Htop for Fedora 22 +

Installing Htop for Ubuntu

The use of the
We start with the Htop command.

The F1 key helps you with the details of the program,
F2 Key Downloads,
The F3 key calls
F4 is the filter,
In F6, the rankings
F9 to terminate the selected process (you can change your selection with the UP ARROW keys)
The F10 or CTRL + X button allows you to exit Htop.

Compressing page content with PHP

By compressing page content with PHP, you can earn half the size of your page. With this size you earn, you’ll be able to load your site speed faster, and that’s what Google likes. Google likes it in the rankings. It allows you to be easily found in searches and gains in traffic that you spend.
First, place these codes in the PHP code included on each page of your software (functions can be. php or database. php file)

After you add this code, paste the following code at the beginning of the page that you want to compress.

That’s all, plenty of traffic days.